coaching to graduate Finanzwirtin and economic consultant.


Apply now!Straight away the application period begins for the setting year two,021thEducation or instruction?Do something very simple each! “Either – or” yesterday. Clever high school / higher school graduates opt for a dual degree in the Berlin Tax Administration.What would be the needs for the dual degree plan?For the dual degree system you need to enter university, but no less than 1 witness of the college entrance or proof of a recognized equivalent degree of education. Every person can apply, on the 32 years of age (or the age of 40 inside the presence of severe disability) has not but completed at the starting of education plus rewriting a story the German nationality or that of yet another EU member state has.The tax administration is a modern day service management for the citizens and organizations from the capital. Therefore, we put the duty ahead towards society with you. An open, communicative beings and group spirit are very vital, not merely in speak to with the citizens, but in addition in cooperation with one another.

The tax law is subject to a really dynamic area of ??law, the continual changes. Consequently, we spot unique emphasis on flexibility and willingness to modify. In our stunning and cosmopolitan capital of many people reside numerous origins. We want this cultural diversity is also reflected inside the tax administration. Multilingualism and experiences from other cultures are beneficial in make contact with with citizens. We for that reason encourage young persons with these capabilities to compete with us.Because the study carried out?

The dual degree system for graduate Finanzwirtin or done to Finanzwirt within the dual technique and lasts 3 years. 21 months specialized theoretical study periods are combined at the College of Finance (FHF) in education and education center from the economic management on the state of Brandenburg Koenigs Wusterhausen with altering sensible training sections of 15 months on internet site in one of 21 coaching tax offices. In Berlin This guarantees that the acquired understanding will be applied inside the study in skilled practice early and straight. The dual degree system is exclusively in full-time (40-hour week) performed. Flexible part-time models will be availed only immediately after completion of the dual degree plan.Although nevertheless a dual study system, we provide you a professional and financial safety, because the study requires spot inside the civil service.Taxes can not and ought to, certainly, in Berlin not be raised otherwise than in all other states – including Bavaria, Brandenburg, Saxony and Hamburg. For this reason, the training content are federally regulated by the tax officials-Education Act (StBAG) and by education and testing procedure for the manage officers (StBAPO). This ensures that the completed dual degree is recognized for financial consultant / -in in all provinces.

What would be the contents in the study?Studying for graduate Finanzwirtin or a diploma in financial administration is extremely sensible. The academic instances at the FHF, which are divided into five sections, are complemented by work-based study periods in the tax workplace. This continuous and direct link between theory and practice is ensured.At the tax workplace all departments are run, open to our junior employees also for later use. The concentrate of your sensible training would be the processing of tax returns (so-called investment), which includes the fixing with the quantity of tax (es). Here you verify the data in the citizens and also the Berlin-based enterprise to their income and assets under application of laws and other legislation. Other places include, for example, the manage specialist service and sales with audit and tax investigation.Additionally to the tax authorities throughout the sensible phase periodically Education Workshops shall be held in which the basis supplemented by sensible circumstances, the pattern acquired in theory expertise and deepened and also the hyperlink is made to practice.The studies at the FHF Koenigs Wusterhausen is a combination of legal, financial and social sciences, wherein the handle law predominates. Tuition charges are a foreign word. Furthermore, the university isn’t an anonymous university operation. Rather, you visit here in smaller and strong study groups of up to 32 men and women seminars on distinct regions of tax law (one example is, revenue tax, corporation tax, VAT), mainly because laws are extremely complex and not continually understandable initially glance. Other fields of study, by way of example, balance sheet tax law, the Tax Code, Public Law and taxation of companies.The activities of your tax administration constantly touches the private space from the citizen, or has an effect on corporations. That’s why you usually in direct contact with citizens, tax consultants and accountants or auditors internal and external auditors. The seminars are primarily held inside the morning, afternoon self-study is fundamentally announced.Just after about 5 months, a written interim exam (5 exams á three hours) store, which might be repeated as soon as. Passing this test is used for the continuation in the study, which then immediately after 3 years with a final examination (so-called career examination) terminates. The career examination consists of a written aspect (five exams á 5 hours) and an oral component. Also, this test might be repeated once. Furthermore, it truly is to create a extensive housework through the primary studies on a given topic.